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Learning Approach

Mastery in art need not be difficult, time-consuming or for the talented, and art learning can be made simple and self-directed towards one's goal. But, many art classes I came across are artist's centric and do not focus on learners' needs. Therefore, LearnxArt is the one platform that offers distinctive, simple and practical approaches to art learning that meets your artistic goals.


LearnXArt courses address the needs of learners in the following phases:

  1. Beginning – What you need to know when you start a drawing process
  2. Improving – How do you continue when in the mid of art creation
  3. Mastery – Where is that baseline that points to the completion

And to provide relevant skills that help them overcome the challenges at every stage.

Phase One

Art fundamentals that give you a great start.

1 Beginning

Phase Two

The skill that makes a difference in your art.

2 Improving

Phase Three

The belief that sets apart your art from the rest.

3 Mastery

Example of art demonstration

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New Courses

  • Rediscover Comics Making (For Beginners)
  • Rediscover Comics Making (For Creators)
  • Drawing Expressive Cartoon Hands
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Art Fundamentals You Will Learn



Get a full picture of what you will draw in your mind.


Seeing the steps it takes to complete your art.


Create freely and confidently in your flow state.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Performance by Learning Skills With Great Values

Benefits of Our Courses


Art and cartooning can be self taught when you have access to the right resources and instruction.

Self learning

Home Based Learning

Learn at the comfort of your own space without distraction.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Start or stop whenever you like. Just make sure you are moving forward towards completion of the course.

Personal Mentoring

Group or personal coaching if you need more hands-on practices in your craft.

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