About Us

We are educators and artists who are passionate to teach you what we love to do.

Our Beliefs

We are teachers who take pride in the creation of our courses. The content we put together must empower our students in these aspect:

  1. It must be useful or practical. (What you learn must be purposeful and can be apply in modern life)
  2. It must be easy to begin. (The instruction/steps must be relatable and understood by most people)
  3. It must be enjoyable. (The process of learning must have clear objective and feedback)
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Be Your Own Guru

Learning can take on many phases. The difference between learning from the artist to the teacher is the artist knew what he does best whereas the teacher knew what works best for his students. At the beginning phase, you will need to learn from the teacher because he knew how to guide you when you do not know how to get started. In the later phrase, you will need to learn from the artist because they can expand your hands-on experiences. Combine the teacher's knowledge and the artist's experiences and you shall gain mastery in your craft!

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Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

We are artists, educators and teachers who comes together to create contents which we truly passionate about and offer it to like-minded students like yourself who also love to learn or wish to experience what we did.

The group contains full time artists/illustrators; cartoonists; art educators; coaches and teachers who have a voice in their arts and have a heart to share what they knew (that works) to everyone.

We are not perfectionist! We too have experienced setbacks when pursuing our dreams like what most people go through in life. We also have challenges to overcome. However, it is the passion that kept us moving and going forward that made us who we are as an individual.

Learning is a journey and never a destiny. We strived to be successful in what we do, but there is no real success unless our students  have achieved in their goals, be it big or small. We really believe this should be the way.



"Art is the first thing we do to express when we are young. Art is also the first thing we gave up when reality kicks in. However, Art still impacts on our life whether you are good at it or not!"

Learn From Industry Experts

Professional artists and art educators shall empower you with practical knowledge and experiences you will need to master your craft.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Do it at the comfort of your own space and time. Enjoy what you do and implement what you have learned.

Book a Coaching Session

Book an appointment with the instructor if you need extra guidance. Personal coaching is the sure way to overcome your challenges.

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