Rediscover Comics Making For Beginners

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If you have created your characters and have a story to tell, the next step is likely to do a comic story. But what stopped you from doing so? The reasons can be many, but I am sure that you probably do not know how to go about it. And it is not your fault. We are told we can draw comics, but no one tells us what we need or where to start.

As an art educator teaching fine arts and cartooning to my clients, I have come across learners who have ideas but do not know how to apply what they want to paper. The issues can be either one of the three:

  1. Drawing
  2. Story crafting
  3. Resolve

You need to be able to draw characters and backgrounds before doing a story. But knowing how to draw is one thing; you need to know where to begin and how to complete what you started.

This course focuses on stringing the story and the comic medium together so that you can visualise and materialise a comic story on paper.  Designed with beginners in mind, each lesson is broken down into simple steps so that learners can easily navigate and manage the learning content.


  • Introduction to comics making
  • The visual elements in a comic story
  • Writing a story plot
  • Panel layout and how it affects the reading space
  • Establishing keyframes in a storyboard
  • Before you pencil your comic
  • Pencilling your first comic page
  • Inking your comic
  • Summary of lesson
  • Comic assignment with sample comic page



Course Content

Rediscover Comics Making For Beginners
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