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Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to create your comic story despite being able to draw well and knowing how the story unfolds in your mind? If you are facing this issue, it is not your fault! The reasons can be many, but something I am sure of is that you are not satisfied with your story creation and wish that you knew where the issue lies.

As an art educator teaching fine arts and cartooning to my clients, I have come across learners who have ideas but do not know how to apply what they want to paper. The issues can be either one of the three:

  1. Drawing
  2. Story crafting
  3. Resolve

You need to be able to draw characters and backgrounds before doing a story. But knowing how to draw is one thing; you need to know what to include in the comic story and have the right resolve to complete what you started.

This course focuses on a framework that allows your story to flow so that you can visualise and materialise a comic story on paper.  Designed with creators in mind, each lesson is broken down into simple steps so that learners can easily navigate and manage the learning content.

The lessons come with a templated blueprint you can use to plan your comic story.


  • Introduction to comics making
  • The concept of space and time in comics
  • Writing a story plot
  • The visual elements in a comic story
  • Panel layout and how it affects the reading pace
  • Establishing keyframes in a storyboard
  • The concept of panel transition in a page
  • Planning the story flow
  • Creating a persona for the characters
  • Before you pencil your comic
  • Pencilling your first comic page
  • Inking your comic
  • Summary of lesson
  • Comic assignment and blueprint for story planning


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Rediscover Comics Making For Creators
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