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Who Should Take an Online Course?

If you are able to learn independently, have enjoyed doing art and cartooning, and you are willing to allocate some time to practice the craft, you can take an online course. 

How Do I Access My Course?

All courses whether it is free or paid requires you to register an account. Once you have registered an account with us, you will receive an email confirmation to ask you to set your password follow by login.  After you have logged in to the site, you can go to your account to edit your profile or access the courses you signed up from there.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

The courses are conducted in English so you need to understand English language in order to do the course. Most courses do not have any prerequisites, but we will state whether the programme is designed for beginners or the intermediate level learners. 

Can I Take More than One Course at a Time?

Yes, you can take any number of courses at the same time. 

What Should I Do If My Payment Did Not Go Through?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. In the event you are unable to use your credit card, you can email us and we can do transaction using PayNow if you are living in Singapore.

How Does Online Learning Work?

Once you have purchased the course, you can logged into your account to begin the lesson. Each lesson will be marked "completed" before you can progress to the next lesson. Some topics will have quizzes and/or assignment you need to complete or to submit. The progress bar will indicate how much more you are left with to complete the full course.

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