Panel and the flow of story




From the previous videos, I have mentioned how the concept of space and time can influence the way we feel about the illusion of space and passing of time in comics. However, space and time on a piece of paper will only exist if there are panels, and the shape, size and position of each panel will affect how we read and feel about comics both physically and mentally.

In this video, we shall experience how our eyes and mind are being tricked to believe that a story can comes alive mentally.


The shape, size and position of panels can affect the passing of time and illusion of space when we read comics. More importantly, they influence the way people read comics and as a comics creator, what do you want your reader to experience when they read your comics strip?

In the next video, I shall touch on the language of comics and explain how that can be apply in your comics story.

See you in the next video.

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